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Thursday, November 1, 2007-- Got a last-minute call to work. Didn't get much sleep. Hopefully, will sleep well today. Have court Friday morning. Been watching comet Holmes since Monday evening. I took Benny and three of his friends and grandpa to the pumpkin patch at the Fruit Barn. The boys had fun running around in the hay maze. We all fed the ducks and fish. The ducks seemed to be stuffed and weren't eating much. The fish seemed to be pretty full too, but some were eating our wheat bread and bagels. The fish and ducks didn't like the white bread.
    I got to pet the emu for the first time in about six or seven years! I saw someone petting the emu's neck, so I gave it a try, and the emu was very tame. A little girl gave me the rest of her fish food to feed the emu! Amazing, the emu took the fish food from my hand very gently! The emu is still in the cage with the black pigs, the same pigs that were snoring loudly last year!
    The sky was overcast, with dark coulds rolling in .... sprinkled a bit, then started thundering, with a nice display of lightning. I thought for sure that I wouldn't be able to see the comet. We stopped off at the store for milk, then the lightning and thunder really put on a good show. When we got home the sky was still couldy, but started clearing up, and around 7:00 I started searching for the comet, but there was a small patch of clouds where the comet should be. I kept looking and about 8:05 found the comet! It only took me about five seconds to find the comet. I pointed out the comet to one of our neighbors, Benny and Jovita. This is the first comet that Benny has ever seen!! I haven't seen a comet since Hyakutake in 1997.
    Comet Holmes is almost directly overhead now, at around 1:30 a.m. It is getting fainter each night. I missed the show last week, when comet Holmes gave off quite a show, when it increased in magnitude. Here are some interesting links on the comet Holmes -- Star Map Comet Holmes -- Earth & Sky (another good locater map) --

Here is a map to help you find comet Holmes. Early in the evening, around 7:00, start searching for the comet, below Cassiopeia, just to the left of Perseus. You will find a triangle including two starts, and the comet at the lower left of the triangle. I can just barely make out the very faint comet Holmes with my eyes. Using my 12x50 binocluars shows the comet as a large fuzzy ball.

Here is an enlarged and even better night sky map to help you locate comet Holmes along with some constellations and starts -- SkyandTelescope -- Here is a large picture of comet Holmes -- Comet17PHolmes/GaryWKronk/October282007 -- CometHolmes/IgorChekalin/October292007 -- CometHolmesPhotoGallery --

Some nice pictures of Comet Holmes:

Left: Odd Hoydalsvik, Bergen, Norway, 10/25/07; Middle: Alan Friedman, Buffalo, NY, 10/25/07; Right: Horace Smith, East Lansing, MI, 10/28/07

Above: Comet Holmes on the left, moon on thet right, photo by Dave Eagle, Higham Ferrers, England, Oct. 28, 2007

More awesome photos of Comet Holmes, by Dan Lessmann, at -- Catching Light --

Sunday, November 11, 2007--  I had to create another Angelfire account -- -- because I lost my login information, and have no way to retrieve the information, which is being sent to an unknown e-mail address. So, I'm starting all over .... My free memory space on Angelfire is very limited, so there isn't much space for pictures. I will post a few very small pictures whenever possible. Otherwise, I will post links to the pictures, or to my DreamHost website, which has plenty of space for pictures (not free!).
   Grandpa went to church this morning with Jovita. They had a special memorial service for Veterans Day. My dad received a special medal for serving in and with the military! He has served in the Korean War, Vietnam War, Gulf War, and several others ....

 -- The “Nothing in Biology Makes Sense Except in the Light of Evolution” Myth: An Empirical Study and Evaluation, by Jerry Bergman, Ph.D., which brings up an interesting point, that evolution is rarely mentioned (or even a concern) with regards to the daily work of both scientific education and scientific research.
        I took a look at comet Holmes last night, around 7:00. Couldn't find the comet from the front, because the street lamp was too bright, so I had to look from the back yard. I was amazed at how much the coma has expanded! Comet Holmes appeared to have doubled in size, since I last saw it about four or five nights ago. The comet is getting fainter .... I found lots of pictures of comet Holmes to show my dad.

Scripture for today: Proverbs , "
Psalm 19:1 , "The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands."

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