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Missions Celebration Big Valley Grace -- 2006

Thursday-Friday, February 10-11, 2005 -- Thursday, went to mediation with my lawyer. Friday, picked up Benny for visitation. It was raining pretty good and chilly. Took Dara and Ben to John's Incredible Pizza for their birthday present. They played lots of games. Benjamin opened up his birthday presents from Dara, daddy and grandma. The boys watched Spiderman II. Then they watched The Thunderbirds. Benny loves his dragon Legos that grandma gave to him.

Saturday-Sunday, February 12-13, 2005 -- Saturday, bought some clothes for Benny. Benny picked out four Spiderman shirts. Then we got some hamburgers and went swimming. Benny, Dara and daddy went to Big Valley Grace. Benny's teacher has church told me, "The Lord is with Benjamin." Stopped off at FoodMaxx after church. Continued watching Garfield when we got home.
    Sunday, watched the rest of Garfield. Then watched funny animal videos. Went swimming, then relaxed in the hot tub, while Dara showed Ben the newest video games at InShape kid's club. Went to church with pastor Seng. It was good to see brother Seng.
Tuesday-Saturday, February 15-19, 2005 -- Tuesday, met with the principal at Dara's school. Friday, took Dara to meet with the mediator. Saturday, spoke with our Hallford cousin Virginia. Today was very windy and chilly. Talked with mother afterwards. Called my sister. Had a good chat.
Tuesday-Wednesday, February 22-23, 2005 -- Tuesday, Dara and daddy took our CPR class tonight at the Red Cross. We both passed, and are now CPR certified! Called mother. She told me that Julie had to put Chewy to sleep. Yesterday, another tornado hit California, in the Sacramento area, around 2:00 p.m. According to the CBS 5 news, at least three small tornadoes touched down in Sacramento, causing damage in several neighborhoods. A number of additional funnel clouds were spotted from the Carquinez Bridge to the Sierra Foothills. In the Natomas area, the storm ripped tiles from the roofs of homes and businesses, knocked down fences and blew drbris around neighborhoods. One person's car was lifted in the air about 15 inches, while they were driving.
    Wednesday, went to the Post Office after work. There were three or four police cars there. The police were arresting a lady, and escorting her in handcuffs. I sent a bunch of pictures to mother. Dara and daddy finished our First Aid class tonight. Now we are also certified for First Aid. Julie got two new cats. They are Turkish Angorean.
 Saturday-Monday, February 26-28, 2005 -- Saturday, Samantha called me around 4:30 p.m. I had called her earlier in the morning, but she was visiting her grandmother. Dara and Ben chatted with Samantha. Dara, Ben and daddy went to church at Big Valley Grace. Ben got a bunch more Bible Bucks. He wants to save them so he can get a small hand-held video game. Watched Around The World In 80 Days.
    Sunday, the three of us went to Big Valley morning service. After church we watched the Chronicles of Narnia. Then we all played Spiderman. We had a light sprinkle. Monday, trees have been blossoming all around for the past three weeks. Our nectarine tree started blooming about two weeks ago, earlier than last year. Dropped off more documents for my lawyer, and for the psychologist.

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