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Missions Celebration Big Valley Grace -- 2006

Here is a super cool Christmas video, with music by the TSO (Trans Siberian Orchestra). I wish I could figure out how to get a video copy!!
Monday-Wednesday, December 12-14, 2005 -- Monday Dara went to his youth group. Tuesday we went to our Celebration Recovery group, and Wednesday, Benny went to AWANA. Dara helped out with the Sparkies.

Thursday, December 15, 2005
-- This year has gone by so quickly! We went to the Illuminate Christmas program at big Valley Grace. We went to all four programs, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday evening. Our friend Mike went with us on Thursday. I got to spend some time chatting with Jeremy, who plays the piano. He has written many songs, and is very good at playing the piano.

Illuminate presented 12 takes on Christmas, all put on by people from Big Valley. My favorite takes were Ben playing his ukulele and the hands signing "Mary Did You know," in front of a black light! The entire program was totally awesome!!!

Below are a whole bunch of pictures I've taken over the years. First group is from the art museum in San Francisco. Next are some cool pictures I took at the Red Rock Canyon State Park, California. Last are pictures from the Santa Barbara Natural History Museum, Santa Barbara Mission, Chumash Indian Painted Caves, La Parisima Mission, science museum in San Francisco, and the Indian Grinding Rock State Park, all in California. At the bottom of this page, you will find lots of interesting pictures that Mike took on his trip around the United States.

The following six pictures I took at the art museum in San Francisco, California:

Above paintings: Left, Annunication, full view - Right, Annunication, close up of left portion of painting. I took the two pictures above under very low lighting conditions, with no tripod and no flash!!
Above paintings: Left, Mary with Jesus - Right, Mary with Jesus. Notice top right of painting is King Solomon. Below left is a close up of King Solomon. No tripod or flash for the photos above and below either.
Above: Left painting, close up of the top right painting of Mary with Jesus (above, right picture) - Right, Old Testament scene.
Above two photos - Red Rock Canyon State Park: Middle, Vern climbing the rocks!
Red Rock Canyon State Park: lots of strange rock formations!
More strange rock formations. Some pictures highlight the red color of the rocks.

Red Rock Canyon State Park: Beautiful rock formations, with varying deep red hues!

Left: Santa Barbara Natural History Museum - Right: Santa Barbara Mission, Santa Barbara, California.
Left: La Parisima Mission chapel, largest of the 21 California missions, with about 900 acres, and the only California mission still raising live animals.
Right: Santa Barbara Mission chapel, Santa Barbara, California. Dara on the right.

Enlarged view of the Santa Barbara Mission chapel.
Chumash Indian Painted Caves, near Santa Barbara, California. Left: Dara - Right: Vern

Left: Turtle on croc, at the San Francisco museum, California - Right: Indian Grinding Rock State Park, California. Each grinding hole was for a family, and was passed on down many generations, for hundreds of years.

Indian Grinding Rock State Park: notice the heiroglyphic on the far right.

Check back soon for the rest of the pictures!

Left: Colorado, at a gas station/restaurant that serves chicken. The chicken was molded into the vehicle. Right: talking turkeys. Above pictures complements of Mike Sawyer. Thanks Mike!

Friday-Saturday, December 23-24, 2005-- Mike and Dara left Modesto about 5:30 in the morning for Oregon. They stayed up all night, playing video games and packing. They arrived in Oregon City at my mother's around 7:30 in the evening. Mike stayed the night to rest up. He only stopped twice, once for gas and another time to rest for one hour. On Saturday Mike and Dara went to Radio Shack to buy the adaptor for mother's new DVD player. They got everything connected and working, then Mike left for Marysville, Washington, to drop of the van full of stuff. Mike will pick Dara up at grandma's on his way back to California.

Saturday, December 24, 2005 -- Spoke with cousin Alice Timmins this morning for 42 minutes. She is doing pretty good. Called cousin Audrey Probst back in Fillmore, Illinois. Her daughter, Norma Jean, passed away just after Thanksgiving. She was 60 years old. Called great-great-aunt Ruth before we left for the Christmas service at Big Valley Grace.

Sunday, December 25, 2005 -- This year, it is just Ben and daddy for Christmas. Dara went to Oregon to be with his grandma (my mother). Mike took Dara up to Oregon, and will bring him back to California sometime after New Year. Mike and Dara were able to get grandma's new DVD player connected and working. They had to buy a special adaptor from Radio Shack.

Friday, December 31, 2005 -- Had a nice chat with Dr. Henry Morris, author/editor of the "Defenders Study Bible." Then I called Dr. Donald DeYoung and chatted with him for about 20 minutes. He told me about his new book, "Thousands, Not Billions," available in paperback. Scientists have discovered carbon-14 in diamonds, in large quantities (larger than should be present). This is good evidence for a young Earth!
    Benny and daddy went to Big Valley tonight. Pastor Fisher announced that Ted will be leaving. We will miss Ted. He has really done a wonderful job a the music pastor. I had a chat with Ted after the service. He told me that he will be moving back to the midwest, I think to Ohio (?) after their baby is born, sometime around June. Pastor Scott Miller's two sons (both with red hair) played guitar for the worship service. Jeremy played the piano. Scott's boys are presently attending Liberty Baptist University in Virginia. They are out visiting for the holidays. David Oats, who left last month, also went to Liberty, with Toby Mac! Spoke with pastor Rick Thompson briefly about apologetics.
    Spoke with mother on the phone. She was very upset with Dara. I hada a talk with Dara and told him to be on his best behavior. I told my mom to lock up Dara's X-Box for one day. Dara was very upset and took a walk around the neighborhood.

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