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Missions Celebration Big Valley Grace -- 2006

Sunday-Tuesday, May 1-3, 2005 -- Sunday, cleaned the back yard. Monday, the first flower on my Hibiscus plant opened up in full bloom toady. Tuesday, started parenting classes tonight. Temperature was in the high 80s.
Friday-Saunday, May 6-8, 2005 -- Friday, had the worst class I've seen in 15 years! Kids were wild and completely out of control. Several teachers, three or four campus security and two armed police officers, came to the class! Saturday, Dara and I worked on cleaning the back yard. We borrowed a pressure cleaner from Tim. Got the patio, and front all cleaned up. Talked with great-great aunt Ruth. Benny got to chat with his great-great-great aunt Ruth. Sunday, heavy rain off and on.
Thursday, May 12, 2005 -- Today, the moon does not set! The comet Machholz is near the Big Dipper. Got new inner tubes for Dara's scooter. Benny was fascinated with the parrot inside the bike shop. The owner of the parrot had trained his pet to shake feet! I've never heard of a parrot shaking feet. That is unusual. The parrot jumped down to the floor and was chasing Benjamin! Then the parrot owner picked up the parrot by its feet and put the parrot on the shoulder of a lady in the store. The parrot was grabbing small items on the counter, then climbed up the guy's shoulder and gave the bill (paper money) to him! That was an amazing parrot indeed!!
    When we got home, Dara and I worked on fixing the tires on his old scooter. We put new the new inner tubes and new tires on, then filled the tubes with green slime.

Friday, May 13, 2005 -- I saw a picture of the funnel cloud that appeared close to north Modesto, which was seen from Pelandale Road. The picture in the newspaper looked just like a tornado!! There have been about a dozen tornadoes in California this year. Usually, there are only about three tornadoes in California each year.
    Dara, Benny and daddy went swimming, then relaxed in the spa. After swimming, we went to Subway for sandwiches, then off to the Stockton Astronomical Society at Delta College. There were four large telescopes for viewing the sky. We could see the rings of Saturn very clearly. One of the telescopes was set on Jupiter. We could see four of Jupiter's moons very clearly. All four of the moons were in a straight line. I could also see the rings of Jupiter.

Saturday-Sunday, May 14-15, 2005 -- Saturday went swimming at InShape. Sunday, rained pretty good last night. Tim took us to the swap meet in Ceres. We found a good bunk bed for the boys. Will need some fixing, and Tim said he would help us with that.
Monday-Thursday, May 16-19, 2005 -- Monday, Benny went to Tyler's baseball game. He had a good time. Tuesday, Tyler came over. They played video game for a couple hours. Wednesday, Dara, Ben and daddy went swimming. Thursday, we all went swimming.
Saturday-Sunday, May 21-22, 2005 -- Saturday, daddy, Ben and Dara went to the Modesto Air Show around 2:00 until about 4:30. Watched the B-17 bomber take off and land. We got to climb and walk through the B-17 bomber. The price for a 30 minute flight was $400.00 per person!! The B-25 bombers had two engines, each one about 1800 cubic inches. The B-15 bombers could dive and reach over 300 mile per hour. Cruising speed for the B-17s is around 150mph. Sunday, upgraded to a new phone, the Motorola V551 GSM.
    Spoke with mother. She told me about the terrible experience with the Tri-Met bus. The bus never came. Several hours later, Tri-Met sent out a lady in a taxi, who was very rude. The police had to come and escort mother home. Weather today must be in the high 80s or low 90s.
    Tyler and his sister came over to play with Benny. They were playing with Benny's Legos. Tim came over to get the garbage that needs to be hauled away, and gave us a weed eater.

Wednesday-Sunday, May 25-29, 2005 -- Wednesday, had to exchange my new phone, because it was shorting out. Friday, Tim picked up Dara and Benjamin to help him with some work. Dara mowed the lawn and Benjamin helped clean. Tim has been drawing up blueprints for remodeling a friend's home. Saturday, had lots of chores today. The boys are playing video games next door with Thomas.
    Sunday, called uncle John. Yesterday was Dan's birthday. He was at uncle John's with his fianceé. Cousin Jim was there too. Dan is getting married October 21, 2005. Spoke with Jim and Dan. Jim will start his first year of medical school in Saint Louis, Missouri.

Monday, May 30, 2005 -- Nectarine tree has lots of fruit. Dara and Ben played video games with Thomas. Thomas joined us for a picnic in back. Then Thomas and Benny went riding bikes next door at St. Josephs.

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