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Missions Celebration Big Valley Grace -- 2006

June, 2005 -- Our trip to the Sierras and Mother Lode began on Saturday, June 25th, 2005. We first went to Calaveras Big Trees State Park.  We spent two nights camping at Big Trees. We hiked the North Grove trail, which is an easy walk. We saw the tree that cars used to drive through.

Pictures from the Big Trees North Grove --Here we are at the Abraham Lincoln Tree. Benjamin is on the left, daddy in the middle, and Dara on the right. This tree was named after president Abraham Lincoln, after he died. Abraham Lincoln is our 3rd cousin! My 3rd great-grandfather, Brice Shipley and Abraham Lincoln were 3rd cousins, so that makes Abraham Lincoln my 3rd cousin, 5x removed.

For lots more pictures of the Big Trees North Grove Trail
Monday, June 27, 2005 -- We spent the day at White Pines, near Arnold, off the main highway about one mile, just past the school. There is a beautiful small lake, a good place for swimming, fishing, and boating (no motor boats). There is a nice park with lots of shade, swings, slide, and many pic-nic tables. The sandy beach is beautiful, clean, and a good place for children to play. Dara and Benjamin played in the sand with other kids, building dams and had fund just getting muddy.

Somebody with kayaks let Dara and Benjamin take out two of their kayaks. They went all the way across the lake, to the Tarzan rope. Dara and Ben swung from the rope and jumped into the water several times. Dara and Ben also went out in their small raft. Dara even used one of the kayaks to pull Ben in the raft.

Here are some pictures from White Pine:
Left: Dara is paddling his raft around the lake. Right: Dara is paddling with his feet, while Benny uses the oars.

Left: White Pine lake, view from the beach. Right: Benny is filling the dam with water, while Dara plays in the sand.

Left: Dara working on the dam. Right: Benny gets more water to fill the dam.

Left: Dara playing in the sand, while Benny gets more water. Right: Close up of Dara, looking at me, and Benny in the water.

Left: Dara standing at left, waiting for Benny to come in from kayaking around the lake. Right: Dara coming back in, from another quick run.

Left: Dara, with Benny just behind him. Right: Dara and Ben at the shore. They both learned how to use the kayaks pretty good! This was their first ever kayaking.

Left: Dara with red life jacket still on, checking the progress of their dam project. Dara adds more water, while Benjamin watches from behind. They had so much fun playing in the sand, and both Dara and Ben got sunburned pretty good, but they didn't seem to mind. Right: Back out on the water. Dara (in kayak) is pulling Ben (in raft).

History of White Pines, California:

History of Lake Mont Pine Area

Monday, June 27 - Wednesday, June 29, 2005 -- We spent two nights at Pinecrest. Benjamin made friends quickly with the kids who were camped out across from us. Their were six kids with two adults, and their dog. The man works as an aircraft engineer.

Here are some pictures from Pinecrest:

We left Pinecrest and headed for higher country. We took a wrong turn and started up highway 108 towards Sonora Pass. Had to stop because the van was getting hot. Van got stuck in park and we could go anywhere. Some guys stopped and pushed on the van to get it out of park, then we turned around and headed back toward Baker. We checked out Deadman campgrounds, but the only spots available were directly in the sun. We found a good spot at Baker, right by the river. I could hear the river all night.

We tried some fishing with Dara's new pole. One of the fishermen made a fishing pole from a stick for Benny. Several men showed us how to set up our line and gave us some tips.

Wednesday, June 29 - Friday, July 1, 2005 -- Here are some of our pictures from Baker and Kennedy Meadows:

After camping two nights at Baker, we went back home to rest for several days.

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