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Missions Celebration Big Valley Grace -- 2006
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Dragons Were They Real?

Saturday-Monday, October 1-3, 2005-- Went to Tim's today. Worked on my van. Fixed both of the front windows. Then we went to church. On Sunday we went to Tim's and started working on the boys' bunkbed. We got most of the work finished. Still need to put more verithane on the wood. Found this interesting website on Monday:

View From The Pew, about Joel Osteen . . . . . . . . .

Friday, October 7, 2005
-- Dara, Ben and daddy went to the Great Valley Museum Observatory. Dr. Lubke was there, as usual, with about 10 other people. The sky was too cloudy to see anything, except for only a couple stars. We hung around chatting for about 20 minutes, then left.

Saturday, October 8, 2005-- Dara, Ben and daddy went to Columbia for the Harvest Festival. We got there about 7:30 a.m. Walked around Main Street. The vendors were still setting up. We went to the Falloon Hotel and enjoyed our favorite ice-cream. I had some kind of coffee ice-cream. They had strawberry cheesecake ice-cream again! Then we went back to the rocks. Ben and Dara spent over an hour climbing on the big rocks. We bought a copy of the Declaration of Independence for Dara and the Constitution of the United States for Benny. They wanted to have copies of their own, because our Rutledge ancestors signed both documents!

Columbia mining town - Left photo: blacksmith shop on Main Street. Right: Dara on left, Vern on right, at site where some of the old mining equipment still stands, where the placer miners sought their fortune.

Columbia - Left photo: Dara on left, Ben on right. Right: Live band on Main Street.

Columbia - Left: Vern climbing rocks. Right: Ben inside wagon (far left), Dara standing on outside.

Columbia - Left: Dara at the Hungry Prospector hot dog wagon. Middle: Vern, eating the very spicy hot dog.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005
-- Had one of the worst job assignments I've ever seen in 16 years!! The students were so bad, that several Campus Supervisors took the entire fourth period to In School Suspension!! I got Benny signed up for the AWANA club. He seems really excited about going to AWANA. The kids played a fun relay race before class. I did some reading while waiting.

Friday, October 21, 2005
-- Dara, Ben and daddy went to MJC, for the Mathemagics presentation, by Dr. Arthur Benjamin. Dr. Benjamin showed lots of very cool math tricks. We missed the first five minutes, because they started early. There were so many people there, that they had to open up the adjacent room, with live monitors, where we sat. Dr. Benjamin show lots of tricks for figuring out math. He even demonstrated how he can multiply four-digit numbers, all in his head! He showed some tricks with magic squares, squaring four-digit numbers, again, all in his head.

Saturday, October 22, 2005 -- The three of us went to a teacher workshop at MJC for two hours this morning. The boys really enjoyed the presentations on Friday and today. Benjamin got to spend some time chatting with Dr. Benjamin. Benny thought that it was really neat that Dr. Arthur Benjamin has Ben's first name "Benjamin."
    This morning, Dr. Benjamin demonstrated that he could square a five-digit number, and also multiply two different five-digit numbers, and all in his head! He did some of the same math tricks we saw on Friday, and some new ones. One of his books will be reprinted next year. I'm looking forward to buying a copy.

Modesto Junior College - Dr. Arthur Benjamin at left. Benjamin Andrews on the right. Benjamin got the donut and apple for the Math professor. Benjamin really enjoyed chatting with Dr. Benjamin, and thought it was interesting that they shared the same name, one being a surname, the other a given name. We saw Dr. Benjamin on Friday evening and also Saturday morning. He did many amazing math tricks, and showed us various methods that we can use to help figure out very large calculations. Far right: Vern (photo by Dara).

MJC - Dr. Benjamin demonstrating more mathmagic. Middle: Benjamin taking a rest. Right: Vern (another one of Dara's professional shots!).
MJC - Left: Ben in red, Dara on right. Right: Ben climbing the rocks!

Monay, October 24, 2005 -- Dara went to the youth group at Big Valley Grace for the first time today. He had a good time.

Wednesay, October 26, 2005 -- Saw a rainbow this morning at 8:25 a.m. Dara helped out with Ben's AWANA group. Benny really looks forward to AWANA.

Friday, October 28, 2005
-- Currently listening to KJ-52, newest album
Went to the Fruit Barn with Ben and Dara. They had lots of fun in the big maze. We saw the emu again, this time sleeping with two hefty black pigs. Both of the pigs were snoring! I've never seen or heard pigs snore!

Fruit Barn - Left: emu. Right: emu sleeping with the two snoring pigs! These two pigs really were snoring! I heard a noise that sounded like snoring, but I didn't think that pigs snored. As I got closer and investigated, sure enough, the two pigs were really snoring!! Other people heard the sound and also were intrigued by the two snoring pigs.

Fruit Barn - Left: Benny looking at the animals with curiosity. Right: Benny climbing the hay maze.

Fruit Barn - Left: Ben in blue shorts and red shirt, at the hay maze. Middle: Ben posing on top of one of the large white pumpkins. Right: Benny running into the maze. Dara and Ben have lots of fun going into the dark maze.

Fruit Barn - Left: Dara and Ben climbing on the jungle gym. Benny sliding, as Dara watches. Dara and Ben climbing. Right: Dara made it to the top!

Fruit Barn - Left: Dara swinging on the rope. Middle: Dara walking among the pumpkin patch. Right: View from the parking lot.

Fruit Barn - Left: Vern, at the Fruit Barn. Middle: Old wagon. Right: Two sleeping and snoring pigs!

Saturday, October 29, 2005 -- Went to church early today, to help out in the kitchen with making coffee, tea, and bake the cookies. Nobody was there. I waited for about 15 minutes, while Ben and Dara played in the field, then we left.

Monday, October 31, 2005 -- Went to church for the Harvest Festival.

Big Valley Grace - Left: Benny playing ball at the harvest festival. Middle: Dara hammering nails. Right: Benny playing with light saber.

Isaiah 26:3 -- Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind hath stayed on thee, because he trusteth in thee.

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