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Missions Celebration Big Valley Grace -- 2006

This month's Links -- Try this fun and educational game! Thanks to cousin Fred who sent it to me. Both young and old alike will enjoy this simple, captivating game which will challenge your geographical skills --

Place the States (Fun and educational geographical game for all ages)

KPBS -- (Listen to NPR, news from the BBC, US news, world news, Classical music, and more. From San Diego. Great Internet radio station)

NPR -- (NPR Home Page. Chose from a variety of news programs: News, Politics & Society, People & Places, Health & Sience, Books, Music, Arts & Culture, Diversions, Opinion)

January 3, 2005, Monday -- Today my job assignment was one of the most difficult I've had in years! There were so many students who were extremely rude, disruptive, lazy, off task, shouting, wandering around the room, refusing to do any work at all, just kickin' back and chatting with their friends. This was quite a challenging class indeed. Dara and Ben made it to their aerobics class today. I wasn't feeling well enough to exercise today.
January 5, 2005, Wednesday -- Dara, Ben, and daddy went swimming today. Spent a long time in the spa and sauna. Very relaxing.
January 6, 2005, Thursday -- Dara's article about his 3rd cousin, Abraham Lincoln, was accepted, and will be published in his school newspaper! This is exciting for Dara, and for our family.
January 7, 2005, Friday -- Today I had a half-day assignment, and what a wonderful group of kids they were! Today's assignment was quite a relief, after four stressful days with the same group of disfunctional students. Dara, Ben, and daddy hit the pool today. We walked to the fitness club, which gives us some extra exercise. Today we had some heavy rain in the morning before I took the boys to school, and it rained all day.
January 9, 2005, Sunday -- Went to InShape. Worked out with weights, then hit the pool and spa.
January 10, 2005, Monday -- Picked up Dara and Benjamin at school, then went to InShape. The boys played video games for about 20 minutes, then they went to their kids aerobics class.

January 13, 2005, Thursday -- Newspaper headlines, "Tsunami Death Toll at 110,000." This is the worst natural disaster in 300 years now! Yesterday, Sandra (Lynell Walker's sister) left a message on my voice-mail. I sent her an e-mail message this morning. Sandra is the one who started working on our Hallford family history about 10 years ago.

January 14, 2005, Friday -- Today Chandy Mao and Terry Jones Indula came over to my house and caused more trouble. T.J. tried to get me to sign legal papers, but wouldn't even allow me to read the papers! The whole time T.J. and Chandy were harassing me, and T. J. even tried to sell me a home, several times!!
    At first, T.J. tried to pretend to be nice, and said that he didn't want to get involved. What a liar and a backstabber, just like the whole Mao family (pastor Chan Mao, his wife Bo Thlang, and their children, Chandy Mao (who married Terry Jones Indula), Chand Mao, Chankrissna Mao, and Chanra Mao). That whole family is really messed up bad!! May God have mercy on all of them. I pray that they will all repent of their wickedness.
    Dara and daddy went swimming. Then went shopping. Watched the rest of the Lord of the Rings, part 2.

January 15-16, 2005, Saturday-Sunday -- Saturday, Dara and daddy went to work out at InShape. Then went to church at Big Valley Grace. Finished watching the Sand Lot. Then watched Garfield. Sunday, made spaghetti. Went swimming.

January 17, 2005, Monday -- Spoke with Mike about petitioning. He said that he will get me all set up for petitioning.
January 24, 2005, Monday-- Spent all day at the courthouse, at Family Law, filling out papers. Then went to meet with the paralegal again. Have to work on getting copies of many documents. Tim came over to help us do some work. Dara is transferring to another school, in our area. He finished his common finals last week.

January 26-28, 2005, Wednesday-Friday -- Wednesday, picked up van today at Baldwin's. They checked all the brakes, replaced inner and outer seals and bearings, replaced two motor mounts, replaced the alternator belt, changed the oil, and had the radiator rodded out and soldered. Friday, Dara has the flu.
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