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Please take a look at my unknown pictures pages. I'm hoping that somebody will recognize someone in the pictures and help to identify some of the unknown people/pictures, and connect with other cousins and interested researchers. Thanks!
The following notes are only a brief overview concerning evidence supporting Biblical creationism and some of the problems with the theory of evolution. As time permits, I will continue to add many links and additional pages with more detailed information. God bless you as you seek the truth and the Creator of all.
•    Six literal 24-hour creation days: The Hebrew word "yom" means 'day' when there is a numerical adjective connected with "yom." Yom is found 200 times in the Old Testament with a numerical adjective, with meaning of 24 hours in each case. Genesis 1:14 clearly gives us the meaning of day: And God said, "Let there be lights in the expanse of the sky to separate the day from the night, and let them serve as signs to mark seasons and days and years."
    It is clear that the word day is referring to a literal 24-day period as we understand. The days are to give us a reference point for time as we know it, separated into days, nights, seasons, and years. The six days of creation are the same kind of days mentioned in Exodus 20:8-11.
    Plants were created on the third day. Many plants need insects for pollination, in order to generate seeds and reproduce.  If one creation day was thousands or millions of years, the plants that need insects would have all died out!
    Some people would claim that Genesis is poetry or allegory. The first five chapters of Genesis is written as history, and to be understood as literal history. There is no indication otherwise.  Historyically, the church has believed in the literal 24-hour day interpretation of Genesis. Read notes on Reformed Theology and Six Day Creation, with reference to the Westminster Confession --
•    No transitional fossils: This is a major problem with the theory of evolution
•    First & Second Law of Thermodynamics: These two laws strongly support Biblical creation.
•    Catastrophism: The evidence for catastrophism is overwhelming! Catastrophic events could easily account for the formation of mountains, rocks, geologic layers, fossils, and all in only a few thousands of years.
•    Flood evidence: The evidence of catastrophic events strongly supports the world-wide Biblical flood.
•    The chance of evolution happening is, well, quite honestly, impossible!!
•    Evidence from the layers of rocks shows that life appears abruptly, with no evidence of transitional fossils.
•    Mutations: Evolutionists claim that complex life evolved from simpler life forms, by way of mutations. This is simply not even possible. Mutations are mostly lethal, or of no benefit.
•    Genetic limits: Organisms are limited to produce offspring only within their own kind, just as the Bible tells us plainly in Genesis.
•    Micro-evolution, not macro-evolution:
•    Evolution is a belief system:
•    Fossils must be preserved quickly, as in a cataclysmic flood, just proclaimed in the Bible.
•    Comets lose their mass, so they must be young. Short-period comets would not exist after millions of years.

•    Evolution is assumed, not proven; Creation is denied, not refuted.
Predictions of the Evolution Model Predictions of the Creation Model
Transitional forms Separate, distinct kinds
Beneficial mutations Intelligent design in nature
Things get better Tendency for decay
New species Extinction of species
•    Evolution is an atheistic explanation for origins, doing away with the need for God, and justifies life styles without any account to God.
•    Evolution is necessary foundation for Marxism
•    Marxism is founded on evolution and naturalism. Marx dedicated his book, "Das Kapital" to Darwin
•    Mount Saint Helens: Excellent example that catastrophism can happen in a very short time, creating large canyons, fossils, and other evidences supporting a young Earth only thousands of years old, not millions or billions.
•    The Bible clearly teaches a young Earth, and that the creation of God we read about in Genesis took place within a literal 6-day, 24-hour time frame.
•    You must make a choice, either you believe the Bible, or you don't! The Bible stands with integrity, despite the many people throughout history who have tried to disprove the claims found wLithin scripture. God's word is truth, and we can rest assure that what He has revealed to us through his word is accurate.
•    Fossil record: Provides no evidence of life evolving from one kind into another.
•    Laws of statistics show that favorable mutations are much too improbable.
•    Laws of science support the degradation of life's complex systems.

•    Time is the enemy of Evolution!!
•    God created with superficial appearance of history -- mature creation (functionally mature creation). God could easily have created light enroute; the light could have arrived immediately; the speed of light could have been faster or nearly infinite; stars could have been closer, or space could have changed ...... 
•    Niagra Falls: When dated correctly, Niagra Falls can be used as a means of showing that the Earth is very young.
•    Radio halos indicate a very young Earth.
•    Problems with radiocarbon dating techniques: gross discrepancies, chronology is uneven and relative, accepted dates are actually selected dates.
•    Civilization dates only about 5,000 years ago. Advanced cultures appear (sprang up) suddenly, almost simultaneously.•
•    Complette civilizations appear, possessing complex languages, sophisticated culture, agricultural knowledgge, technology, written language
•    Sophisticated calendars, pyramids, impressive buildings, sea-going vessels
•    Human culture from the beginning was advanced -- humans have always been intelligent

•    Fossils: 95% of all fossils are marine invertebrates.
•    Primitive people groups -- simply lost their technology, didn't compete well, were poorly situated
•    Population: If humans have been around for millions of years, there should be so many human remains, that it would be very common to find human bones everywhere. But, why are human remains so scarce?
•    Earth's magnetic field
•    Helium in the atmosphere: This is good evidence for a very young Earth!
•    Salt in the ocean: Another chronometer giving good evidence of a very young Earth.
•    Erosion of continents: If the Earth is millions of years old, all of the continents should be completely eroded down to ground level in only 14 million years! Certainly, young Earth advocates would not claim that the Earth is millions of years old, but this evidence should suffice to show that there is something wrong with the theory of Evolution, claiming the Earth to be billions of years old.
•    Sediments in the ocean -- Another chronometer giving a very young age for the Earth
•    Setterfield Hypothesis -

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