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Earth In Upheaval, by Immanuel Velikovsky --

Men of Science, Men of God, by Henry M. Morris -- This book tells of scientists who were also Christians.

Origin By Design, by Harold Coffin -- In depth scientific explanation of many geological formations throughout the world, with evidence of catastrophism.

Robotech, by Jack McKinney --

Streams of Civilization, Volume One, by Mary Stanton & Albert Hyma -- History from the earliest times to the discovery of the New World.

The Defender's Study Bible, by Dr. Henry M. Morris --

The Pilgrim's Progress, by John Bunyan -- This book has been printed, translated, and read more often than any book other than the Bible. John Bunyan was born in 1628 in Elstow, England. He wrote The Pilgrim's Progress in 1678, during his 12 year incarceration for preaching without permission from the Church of England.

The Sibley Field Guide to Birds of Western North America, by David Allen Sibley -- This book has several illustrations of each bird, in flight, in the water, perched, standing, juveniles, adults breeding, adults nonbreeding and more ..... with range maps on the same page, which is very handy when you are in the field.

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